The Parliament of Barbados is the national legislature of Barbados. It is accorded legislative supremacy by Chapter V of the Constitution of Barbados. The Parliament is bicameral in composition and is formally made up of: Elizabeth II, Queen of Barbados, an appointed Senate, and an elected House of Assembly

Contact Information

Address: Parliament Buildings, Trafalgar Street, Bridgetown, Barbados
Phone: (+1) 246 426-3717, 426-3712
Fax: (+1) 246 436-4143


The Parliament of Barbados is comprised of the Senate and House of Assembly. There are 21 members of the Senate, 12 are appointed by the Prime Minister, 7 by the Governor-General in his discretion to represent various interests in the community such as religious, economic, social and other such interest as he things ought to be represented and 2 by the Leader of the Opposition.

The House of Assembly comprises 30 members elected by adult suffrage on the first past-the-post system. The Presiding Officer of the House of Assembly is the Speaker. Members of both Houses serve a five-year term.

Seat of Parliament: Bridgetown
Year of Independence: 1966
Population: 270,000
Constitution: Constitutional Monarchy
CPA Branch formed: 1933
Date of First Parliament: 1 January, 1939
Voting Age: 18 years

Political Party Distribution

Democratic Labour Party: 0 Seats
Barbados Labour Party: 30 Seats
Independent: 0 Seat
Date of Last Election: May 24, 2018

Officers of the Branch

His Honour Senator Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, KA, Q.C. PhD., J.P. B.Sc. (Econ.)
CPA Office: Branch Joint President
Parliamentary Office: President of the Senate

His Honour Arthur E. HOLDER, LL.B.,
CPA Office: Branch Joint President
Parliamentary Office: Speaker of the House

Hon. Miss Mia Amor. Mottley, Q.C., M.P.
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice President
Parliamentary Office: Prime Minister

Bishop Joseph J.S. Atherley
CPA Office: Branch Joint Vice President
Parliamentary Office: Leader of the Opposition

Mr. Pedro Eastmond
CPA Office: Branch Secretary
Parliamentary Office: Clerk of Parliament

Mr. Nigel Jones
CPA Office: Branch Joint Secretary
Parliamentary Office: Deputy Clerk of Parliament