Following from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Headquarters Secretariat's announcement of the CPA Masterclass Courses on Remote Workingbelow are the three unique access links to the following Masterclasses:

Both Chief Executive Officers from BeSpoke Skills and Farrens, speakers featured in the CPA Masterclasses on Remote Working videos, are kindly offering one-to-one sessions at a limited price of £300 per hour for Branches who are interested in obtaining additional support. Please kindly contact Ms Bénite Dibateza, Programmes Assistant at should a Parliament wish to be put in contact with BeSpoke Skills and Farrens to arrange their Parliament's one-to-one session.

In our continuous effort to assist the CPA membership during this time of great uncertainty, the CPA Headquarters Secretariat has limited funding available to cover the cost of a one-hour session for no more than 12 Branches should any not have sufficient finances at this present time.

If it is anticipated that a Branch from your Region is both interested and will require financial support to cover the cost of a one-hour session, we kindly request that they contact Ms Bénite Dibateza and submit a formal Branch request on a letterhead outlining their circumstances and financial requirements by Wednesday 3 June 2020.

We encourage you to share the Masterclasses with Parliamentarians and Parliamentary Staff within your respective CPA Region. Additionally, we invite Branches to share images of Members and Parliamentary Staff using the videos or applying any skills learnt with the CPA Headquarters Secretariat on our social media pages listed below:

Branches are also welcomed to directly send any images to myself.

We sincerely hope that these Masterclasses are of great support to all Members. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,