CPA Toolkit for Commonwealth Parliaments and Legislatures on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and delivering parliamentary democracy

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its subsequent spread as a global pandemic that has rapidly spread to at least 180 countries, has consequently plunged many Parliaments and Legislatures across the world into a state of emergency. Commonwealth Parliaments and Parliamentarians are grappling with many different issues both to implement the emergency health measures during this global pandemic while at the same time looking at new ways to conduct debates, scrutinise and pass legislation, hold parliamentary committees and question the actions of their governments. At their heart, Parliaments need to be able to deliver democracy and democratic accountability, but can this be achieved while practicing social distancing measures?

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44th Regional Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region discusses the impact of globalisation and nationalism on Commonwealth Parliaments

The Trinidad and Tobago Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) has successfully hosted the 44th CPA Regional Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic (CAA) Region on the theme of Globalisation and Nationalism: Quo Vadis – Impacts on Commonwealth Parliaments.

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